Friday, January 28, 2011

Ryder Jackson

He's finally here! He was born on Tuesday arvo (hence my online silence) weighing a whopping 4.62kg (10.2lb). He had a massive 39cm head which needed the help of forceps to get out. I can tell you right now that the factory is now well and truly closed. After having an easy delivery the first time followed by months and months of complications (being born at 28wks) and now a very difficult delivery followed by months and months of physio, I can confidently say that that's it for me. If we have another baby, we'll be picking it off a shelf. My body is shattered and being 35 (nearly) it's going to take some time recovering.

I'm finally home as of last night and had a terribly restless night. Still waiting for the milk to come in properly and having a huge demanding baby makes for many wake ups and VERY sore nips. Hubby went out early this morning to buy some emergency formula to keep him satisfied for the time being. I'll pump away (again) until I can establish a good flow and try to give the nips a rest.

When I hear about women who have multiple children and given birth to them all naturally with no pain relief, I bow down. I cannot believe that women would do that to themselves and then go back for more!!!


  1. Oh Evelyn, Ryder is GORGEOUS and I love the name ! :D

    CONGRATULATIONS to you all.. lovely news !!

  2. Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby!