Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bliss and Kiila

I've finished my Kiila socks. Boy, did the 2nd sock go quickly. I wanted to finish them before being shipped off to hospital to have my baby (I'm 39wks today). I don't know why I hurried though coz I'm still here. I think he's way too comfy in there to make an appearance. Meanwhile I'm too uncomfortable to try these on and take a good shot. So these shots will have to do. I really enjoyed knitting these. I had no idea that socks were such an instant gratification project.

Also, my first quilt finish for 2011. I was just using up some of my Moda Bliss jelly roll I used for this project and had no recipient in mind. Then my friend gave birth to her 3rd baby and it was a girl after 2 boys! Perfect. So being the size of a beached whale, I managed to baste, quilt and bind it all in one day. I wasn't intending to do it in one go but I was on a roll. And I think it'll be perfect because she loves shabby chic.

I used the smallest scraps of the leftover Moda Bliss (I still have lots of full jelly roll strips left!) with white cotton sashing. I used Moda Bliss Flannel in Polka Sweet for the backing and Kona Primrose for the binding. I actually really like using solids for binding. I've done this for the last couple of quilts I've completed. Not only that, but using my colour chart, it's easy to find the exact matching colour. I quilted it with an all over free motion meandering stitch. I really wanted to try a larger pattern than usual and I think it looks great and maintains it's softness.

It's on it's way, Alanna, I hope you love it :)

I've now cast on for Monkey socks using Colinette Jitterbug in Elephant's Daydream.


  1. LOVE - LOVE - LOVE those socks, sooo cute !!!

    same is said for your quilt... STUNNING!! ...beautiful colours!

    love it all Evelyn :D

  2. I love the little quilt. Good luck with your bub. I just had a little boy on 20th. the socks will come in handy too!!

  3. Thanks guys. Yes, I just read that you'd had your 2nd little guy on the 20th. Congrats to you. The socks will come in handy and I took them to hospital with me but oedema set in after the birth and they wouldn't even get over the bottom half of my foot let alone over my heel! Ha ha ha.

  4. Do you have the tutorial for the quilt? Is really pretty! :-)

    1. Oops I meant "it's really pretty" :-)

    2. Hi there. No, there's no tutorial. I just made that one up. Sorry :)