Saturday, October 5, 2013

CMYK - Catch Me if You Knit

, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.

I recently bought a skein of Trailing Clouds Mind The Gap. They also had a striking colourway called CMYK. I had to have one. I was lucky enough to score one in a recent update. These are my commute knitting.

Wild Thing socks

On my trip to Canberra, I couldn't resist this in a destash. Wollmeise Wild Thing. I'd never seen it before let alone knit with it. It was a "spiralen" skein so it was dyed to knit up in spirals. I think they look pretty striking. Especially with the black contrast heel/toe. Again using an FLK heel.

Robin #3

Well, we all know I'm having a love affair with the Robin sweater. I already made 2 of them for myself in Wollmeise DK. Now I just needed another one in plain black. I had a pair of patterned leggings in mind. I couldn't get myself to make another one so I sent it out to WWFY. Sadly it was made a bit too short for leggings. But they look pretty good with jeans!