Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic Knot

Magic Knot, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.
Has anyone tried this before? It's awesome. And it's completely hidden in this textural cabled knit. Can you see it on the live row? No more wasted yarn and you can change mid-row. I'm converted! aunty

Baby Klijnsma1, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.
My older brother finally pulled his finger out and gave our mum another grandchild. It's his first. It's our mum's 3rd grandson. I've finished baby making so it's up to my bro to give my mum a granddaughter.

Bro has finally named his gorgeous bundle Alex. He's sooo cute. 8lb3oz. Not quite as big as my youngest born at 10lb2oz. But then again, SIL did it without painkillers. Well done guys. I'm in love already xo

Friday, May 4, 2012

Slable rediscovered

Slable, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.

I rummaged through my winter woollies for a beanie to wear while being husbeast's support crew for M2M. I rediscovered my Slable. So I took a new pic of me wearing it. I LOVE it.

Tosh Sock - Edison Bulb

Tosh Sock - Edison Bulb, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.
I've seen this colour around Rav and I was super intrigued. It's a rare colourway that I struggled to find and is an eye searing flouro yellow. It matched perfectly to a brand new tennis ball! Ideally I wanted TML but I could only find it in Tosh Sock. So I bought 4. I'm still not exactly sure what I will make from it. But then I got an email from Jimmy Beans saying they now had 4 skeins in stock of Edison Bulb TML. So I bought those too. I'm still waiting on those to arrive. I will sell of some of them once I decide what I'm going to make out of which yarn. Keep your eyes peeled on Ravelry.