Friday, May 4, 2012

Tosh Sock - Edison Bulb

Tosh Sock - Edison Bulb, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.
I've seen this colour around Rav and I was super intrigued. It's a rare colourway that I struggled to find and is an eye searing flouro yellow. It matched perfectly to a brand new tennis ball! Ideally I wanted TML but I could only find it in Tosh Sock. So I bought 4. I'm still not exactly sure what I will make from it. But then I got an email from Jimmy Beans saying they now had 4 skeins in stock of Edison Bulb TML. So I bought those too. I'm still waiting on those to arrive. I will sell of some of them once I decide what I'm going to make out of which yarn. Keep your eyes peeled on Ravelry.

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