Friday, May 4, 2012

Slable rediscovered

Slable, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.

I rummaged through my winter woollies for a beanie to wear while being husbeast's support crew for M2M. I rediscovered my Slable. So I took a new pic of me wearing it. I LOVE it.


  1. are you making anything to sell? I love that beanie!

  2. We could do a swapsie again?? What colour did you have in mind? What sort of things are you making at the moment?

  3. I like the grey. I'm quilting but what would you like?

    1. I have a little less than half of that yarn leftover. But I could put a call out to my yarny friends for more if I run out. It's handpainted in Germany. A rare yarn indeed. But I'd be happy to knit it for you. Would another pair of PJ pants be out of the question? Maybe in size 8-10? I've been hanging to get a pair since I lost my weight.