Sunday, January 2, 2011

A few things in the works

Neat Ripple Blanket. This is a great little project to carry around. I've made it so it's about 90cm wide and the pattern repeat can almost be done blindfolded...or whilst watching a movie :) I'm loving these lovely fresh colours for summer. I've had this project in the planning for zonks. I'm using Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8ply.

And when I'm not crocheting in front of the tv I'm cutting and sewing things for the baby. In this case, burp cloths. We don't really have these in Australia, but they are a brilliant idea. With my 1st son, I mostly used white face washers bought in packs of 10 for a few bucks. But they are really quite small and, in hindsight, really rough. I'm planning on backing these with 100% cotton absorbent flannel used in reusable nappies. I bought a packet of 12 for $44 at Baby Bunting. I can probably get 2 or 3 out of each nappy liner.

Each burp cloth only takes up half of a fat quarter. I could make 2 matching newborn bibs from the other half of the fat quarter. Or maybe wash cloths? I'll be contemplating which whilst I'm prewashing the flannel. Stay tuned.

  1. Michael Miller Ring Dot Turquoise
  2. Michael Miller Ta Dot Teal
  3. Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Marine
  4. Echino Nico Glasses Gold (85% Cotton/15% Linen)
  5. Monaluna Çirca 50 Pebble Stripes Citron (100% Organic)
  6. Echino Nico Bicyles Turquoise (85% Cotton/15% Linen)
  7. SEI Playful Geos Teal

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