Friday, March 5, 2010

Storms and flights don't mix

What a day. It started off hot and muggy so I did a few loads of washing and hung them up to dry. Then as my son and I were napping, I could hear thunder in the distance. I quickly dashed out to take the washing down. 5 minutes later, huge downpour of rain with hail! My husband was due to fly back from Sydney at that very moment. He calls me after he was due to land in Melbourne, but his plane was turned back and he was still in Sydney! His flight left Melbourne at 3pm and now it looks like he won't be home till after 8pm. Poor bugger.

Meanwhile, my son and I have decided that this weather screamed "Pizza" at us. So pizza for dinner it is. Not much time or inclination to knit. But a lot of researching, yarn stalking and destashing was done. Including a skein of coveted Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin. If you know anything about this wool, you would know that the online shop is always empty! That's how popular it is. They only upload with new stock once a week when crazy knitting ladies from all over the world sit at their computers pressing refresh until they see something, and jump on it whether they like the colour or not. Think the Myer Boxing Day sales where people are pinching things out of your shopping basket! I've never been able to buy from the website so I can only buy after market. This colour just isn't me so I'm passing it on to someone who can appreciate it. $35 plus postage for 466m of sock yarn.

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