Friday, March 12, 2010

Shoe bag

My husband recently bought me my first full-size designer handbag for my birthday. It is big enough to carry everything I need in it. Even my flats/heels. Of course I don't want the dirty soles of my shoes touching the inside of my bag so I made myself a shoe bag using a familiar fabric :) The bag is big enough to hold my flats or heels. EVEN my boots!

***I changed the ribbon to a satin knitted cord because the ribbon was too "sticky"***

1. Cut a piece of heavyweight and lining fabric 18"x12".
2. Place the pieces rightsides together and sew along one of the long edges.
3. Turn it right side out and press.
4. Fold the sewn piece in half rights sides together along the original short edges so you have the lining piece up the top and the outer fabric on the bottom aligning the seamed edge.
5. Sew along the short edge and long edge.
6. Sew along the last short edge leaving an 8" gap.
7. Pull the whole lot the right side out through that 8" gap.
8. Pull the lining out and top stitch the 8" gap folding the seams under.
9. Push the lining back into the bag and sew another line of stitching along the top edge of the bag about 2cm down from the top.
10. Unpick the 2cm side seam enough to feed through a ribbon/rope to use as a tie.

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