Monday, March 1, 2010

All things crafty

I'm relatively new to the world of crafting and DEFINITELY new to the world of blogging. I got my inspiration for blogging from my friends Kate and Margarita. So here goes...

So I've finally designated myself a dedicated crafting area...FINALLY. I must admit I've only recently discovered that there are other crafts that get my creative juices going. I've recently pulled out my sewing machine from storage where it's been living since I acquired it! I came across a tutorial online on how to make some project bags. This suited me down to a tee as I have more than a few knitting projects on the go.

Tell me what you think...


  1. Welcome to blogland lovely Evelyn :D
    ~ LOVE the bags!!

  2. I love these little bags Ev. I wish we lived closer so i could learn stuff from you. I have been given an over locker and been asked to make scrub caps. looks easy enough. I hope