Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eternity Scarf

I finished this lovely cowl in only a few days. It was a very quick knit using a aran weight yarn. I have mixed feelings about this yarn. As I started knitting with it, I was happy with the lovely soft handle of it. Then as I went along, I noticed that the CO edge of the project was starting to pill. I then researched further and found that a lot of people had the same problem. I wish I'd known this before I bought 5 balls of it. Thankfully it came from Webs in the US so it was much cheaper had I bought it here.

Either way, it is still lovely soft and warm and I'm wearing it now as it storms outside :)


  1. Shame about the yarn because it's a fab colour and it looks great :)

  2. yes, love the grey, and fantastic that your charity quilt was featured on the modern day quilts thingy!! Well done, you must be chuffed!

  3. Thanks guys. Yes I wasn't expecting to be featured. Glad that the charity quilt was the one featured. Can't wait to hear how much it went for. Any news on your machine?