Saturday, February 19, 2011

His & Hers Personalised Quilt

I've always wanted to make this quilt coz it was so cute. I have lots of babies due around me within the next 3-6 months so I'm making a few of these in advance. Then all I have to do is applique their name on. I'll be making 2 of each fabric selection. My hubby took the baby out for a coffee while the toddler slept so I managed to cut 4 and piece 2 of these quilts. I've just ordered some Kona solids for the backing. That'll give me a couple of weeks before I start basting and quilting. It might give me time to prepare the binding.
Do you think these are gender neutral or do you think the top one is boy specific?


  1. I think they are both boy specific! I LOVE the top one - nice blues. I probably think that the bottom one is a boy one too as William has a Hungry Catepillar quilt. It has blinded my opinion!! They are both great though!

  2. There BOTH lovely :)

    I think the top one if you pick up on the aqua & lemon colours you can push into the girl category, not all girls have to be pink.

    The bottom quilt to me is fairly neutral, you could put the names with some floral fabrics for girls and pick up on the purples, and boys just pick up on the blues and orange.

    Don't know I'm no quilter :D

  3. I think they both could be boy or girl depending on how (and what color) you put the names and what other applique you add to them :)

  4. Well, I was planning on purple (girl) and green (boy) for the caterpillar one and aqua (girl) and grey (boy) for the top one. Just waiting on the solids to arrive to test my theory. I also thought it could be dependant on the applique I put with the names as to gender.