Sunday, November 21, 2010

Argh - Rainbow pain in the butt

This quilt has turned out to be the bane of my existence. That will teach me to use inferior quality sashing. This thing puckered up so many times that I don't think I can list it on Etsy. I'm thinking I'm going to have to hang on to it to gift instead. Boooo! What do you do with your quilts that pucker or have other 'imperfections'?


  1. I had my first puckering exeprience last week but thankfully it was on the back and the backing fabric was very forgiving. It was the biggest quilt I have quilted myself 60" square and I didn't use enough pins when one to blame but myself!

    If you can live with it then just keep it and use it...if it's not something you can live with you will soon get to know you unpicker very well ;)

  2. I can live with it. Definitely better than spending years unpicking it. A christmas gift it is :)