Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby clothes

As you may know, my first born son was born 12weeks premature. Well, he's now 3yrs old and I'm pregnant now with my 2nd son so I had to dig out all the old baby stuff. All of this on the line fit into 1 x 50lt tub. To give you an idea, this suit is a size 00000 (premature). Next to it is a size 0-3mth track pants. It was nearly 2 months before he even fit into a size 00000!

I am 27 weeks pregnant at the moment. Last time I was admitted into hospital with broken waters at 27.5 weeks. Kai was born 4 days later. Let's hope I get through this, and the next 14 weeks without incident.

I'd forgotten how small a newborn babies clothes are. One 50lt tub down. Two more to go to wash and put away.

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