Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I've been MIA lately. Sorry.

This pregnancy has been the hardest on me yet. I've never felt so rubbish. I can't wait for it to end. And I'm only 29 weeks!!

Here is a round up of other things you may not have seen yet.

1. Strandwanderer - WD Koralle Im Meer - Loved the knitting process on this
2. WWFY Summer Carnival - Schwarz - Perfect shape for my maternal self
3. WWFY Boxy and Buttony - Fliederbusch lacegarn - This is great for now and perfect for later!
4. Jämälankavillasukkajoulukalenteri - various Wollmeise - Apparently this means scrap-yarn-woolsock-adventcalendar
5. Spice Man - Frosch and Wolke - Finally mastered the contrast heel on the Spice Man
6. Chance of Showers - Wolke - Again a great shape for now
7. Pepita - WD Mitternacht - How friggin cute is this thing?
8. WIP Spot Check - WD Sultan and Schwarz - Just an experiment, I think I like it...
9. WIP Honeybee - Petit Poison Nr 5 - I'm nearly done on this, just one more sleeve and button band to go

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