Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bendigo Woollen Show

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Sooo, I didn't tell you all about my trip away with the knitting crew to the Bendigo Woollen Show. It was great...well apart from getting gastro which I caught from my 5yr old! Thanks Kai.

We stayed at an amazing place called Lochinver about 45mins out of Bendigo. There were about 10 of us staying in that house. A lovely old homestead on a farm. Lots of rooms. Lots of places to knit or sew or chat in front of the fire.

I scored myself a lovely bit of stash at the show. A lot of yarns I'd never heard or let alone tried before. And a few that I have.

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  1. Wow! lucky you! I might try and get there next year. Would be great to get back home for a while.