Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wollmeise DK

Lookie lookie! Wollmeise have finally released another base in their yarns! DK weight. Woo hoo. The last time she tried a different base was in 2008 I believe. Somehow by some miracle I happened across the update which was an hour earlier than usual and managed to snatch 5 x Petersilie and 5 x Im Jahr Der Ratte. I didn't know the meterage at the time. Upon further inspection after the purchase, I realised that they were about 500 yards each! I only really need 3 of each. Lucky Wollmeise is so easy to destash. Everyone loves it...especially a new base!! Now...what to make...?


  1. I am so healous. that IJDR looks divine!

  2. What a loot. You got them in the best colors. I ordered only 4 skeins of Turkise Markise. At that time I thought it was the varigated orange and blue one! hahaa.. and Turqiouse is one of my leaaaast fav colors.
    But after of its arrival, I thought its not bad...
    I think Que Sera is a nice pattern for it. Still I am not sure if i would do it. still looking for patterns ;)

    1. Turkish Markise is gorgeous! I got my hands on 3 Fliederbusch too : D