Monday, June 18, 2012

Austin zip

Austin zip, originally uploaded by stitch-by-stitch.
So I decided to put a zip in my Austin Hoodie. I think I'll wear it more that way. I used this tutorial to do it. Awesome!


  1. That looks super wearable. Love it! ♥

  2. Thanks for posting. I have just started Austin Hoodie and I wanted to put a zipper in it and I just happened to come across your page. I've bookmarked your post so that I can refer to it when I get to that point. Great job! I wanted the colour you are wearing but ended up with Well Water as my LYS didn't have enough of the Morning Dove (was that it?). Well Water is a nice colour too. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Thanks again for taking the time to post and the link to the tutorial. It's going to come in handy.