Sunday, August 14, 2011

My first quiche

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I know that most of you have been making quiches blind since you were about 2, but this is my very first quiche. Yay. I wish I'd made it a lot earlier than now. It was so easy and healthy.

After a false start with the egg leaking through my pastry, success! I didn't know the 'rules' so obviously I didn't make sure the pastry was sealed properly. So we stuck what was left in the oven to slightly firm it up, then added more egg on top.

Notes for next time: line tray with baking paper, make sure the pastry is sealed and add a bit of salt/pepper to the egg.

Hubby's not complaining though, he's eaten about half of it himself!

No recipe, just made it up as I went.

1. line tin with premade short crust pastry (make sure it's all sealed, no cracks)
2. blind bake it for 10mins - 180C
3. sprinkle half a finely chopped onion on the base
4. sprinkle a packet of thawed frozen spinach (all water squeezed out of it first)
5. mix 6 eggs with a cup of soy milk and salt/pepper (hubby's dairy intolerant) pour over
6. add chopped feta cheese
7. bake till almost solid (it will continue to solidify in the tin while cooling down) about 40mins

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  1. Looks fantastic! The best things are made up out of your head as you go!