Tuesday, March 29, 2011

El Naturalista - the search for the perfect mid calf boot

I have been on the hunt for some time now for the perfect mid calf boot. The aim is to wear them with my handknitted socks which would be poking out the top of them. I would wear them with the darkest opaque stockings that I could find and a short denim or black skirt. I looked all over Chadstone with absolutely no luck. I had heard about El Naturalista before but they are soooo expensive. Not only that but Amazon won't send them to Australia as it would void the warranty (?). Eventually I found the perfect pair from an Australian mob called Yodgee. They retail at $299 and they had them on sale for $145!!!!

Of course I only wanted to buy them online as it's difficult to go shoe shopping with a 3.5yr old and a 2mth old. I am a standard size 9/40 so went with that. Low and behold their sizing is out and they are too small. Try as I might, they weren't going to work...especially with handknitted socks. So I'm hoping they offer refunds...coz I ended up finding another perfect pair (that fit) right around the corner at my local shoe shop!

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