Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby wrap

I've been wanting to make some little baby wrap blankets for a few friends who are expecting. One of them doesn't know the gender of the baby, the other one does. This is my first attempt. After a quick trip to Spotlight, where I picked up this spotty fabric and white flannel, I got measuring and cutting.

1. Cut each fabric 80cm x 100cm.

2. Lay the cotton down right side up, preferably on a carpeted surface. Smooth it out.

3. Lay the flannel on top right side down. Smooth it out to match the fabric edges.

4. Pin the corners and then the centre of each side, then pin in between each of those pins until pins are about 5 inches apart leaving a 5 inch gap on the bottom.

5. Use something round to trace for the corners then sew all around, leaving the 5 inch gap open.

6. Cut the corners off and snip around each rounded edge.

7. Turn right side out through the 5 inch gap, poke the rounded corners out and press to get a nice crip edge, turning in the seams at the gap.

8. Sew around 1/4" around the edges making sure you catch the seams of the open gap.

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